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work by means of these new checks. They may
carry out international barter arrangements
upon an increasing scale. The fact that the
counting-house is in a hopeless mess because of its
desperate attempts to ignore the protean nature
of money, will become more manifest as it
becomes less important.
The Stock Exchange and Bank credit and all
the arts of loaning and usury and forestalling will
certainly dwindle away together as the World
Order establishes itself. If and when World
Order establishes itself. They will be superseded,
like egg-shells and foetal membranes. There is
no reason for denouncing those who devised and
worked those methods and institutions as
scoundrels and villains. They did honestly
according to their lights. They were a necessary
part of the process of getting Homo sapiens out
of his cave and down from his tree. And gold,
that lovely heavy stuff, will be released from its
vaults and hiding-places for the use of the artist
and technician—probably at a price considerably
below the present quotations.
Our attempt to forecast the coming World
Order is framed then in an immense and increas-
ing spectacle of constructive activity. We can
anticipate a rapid transfiguration of the face oi
the earth as its population is distributed and